Alupanel XT aluminium façade panels

Product Information

Alupanel XT is a composite material in sheet form, specially developed for architectural applications. It consists of two aluminium sheets coated with PuDF and coextruded on a polyethylene core. Various qualities are available depending on the core: Alupanel XT: with PE core, lightweight and easy to install, it offers a wide variety of colours and designs. Alupanel XT FR: with Bs1d0 class fire resistant core, it adds to its versatility a higher fire resistance. Alupanel XT A2: easy to halnde, bend and install, with a non-combustible A2 class core. Incredibly rigid, Alupanel XT is also very lightweight, offering high weather resistance, allowing it to be used in exterior applications as well as indoors. Easy to handle and assemble, it allows both folding and milling in a practical and easy way, as well as having a limited expansion coefficient. Alupanel XT is also suitable for digital printing, offering high resistance to UV radiation. With its CE-certified quality, Alupanel XT is manufactured in Europe and the UK, enabling fast and efficient supply on a regular basis. In addition Alupanel XT is offered in a very diverse range of colours, even allowing the manufacture of a specific colour required by the customer for a minimum quantity at short notice. Committed to the environment, Alupanel XT is a 100% recyclable product, which complies with current environmental legislation and minimises toxic emissions within its production.

Easy to install. Uniform and smooth surface. Lightweight. Easy to handle. Versatile and easy to fold. High resistance to weather and atmospheric conditions. Available in a wide range of colours and finishes. Counter-typing service in RAL, NCS, BS and Pantone references Minimum order in small quantities.

Available in various colours and finishes. Formats available in the technical data sheet.

Architectural applications. Waterproof coatings. Interior design. Roofs and roofing. Cladding. Canopies. Petrol stations. Commercial facades and shops. Stands design. Exterior Advertising. Exterior Facades. Transport.