Acrylic plastic tubes

Product Information

Acrylic plastic is a material with high transparency and better impact resistance than glass and is ten times lighter than glass. It has excellent transparency and is very easy to handle, allowing simple cutting, milling and polishing processes. Acrylic plastic does not give off toxic combustion gases. It is a product that remains unalterable over time, maintaining its properties of transparency and shine.

They can be cast or extruded. High resistance to breakage. Reliefs and visual effects in the interior. If manufactured by extrusion, an infinite number of interior finishes can be created. Easy handling. Edges can be polished. Resistant to atmospheric changes. High optical quality.

With a multitude of finishes, they are available in different transparent, opal and textured options, as well as in all thicknesses and diameters. Also available in matt or gloss and colours.

Window dressing. Industry. Displays (P.L.V.). Points of sale. Interior design. Lighting. Furniture. Advertising. Houseware. Packaging.