Vitroflex PMMA extruded acrylic plastic

Product Information

VITROFLEX PMMA EXTRUDED ACRYLIC PLASTIC is a highly transparent material and has a better impact resistance than glass, with a lightness ten times greater than the latter. It has excellent transparency and is very easy handling, allowing simple cutting, milling and polishing processes with carpentry tools. VITROFLEX PMMA EXTRUDED ACRYLIC PLASTIC is also suitable for thermoforming and machining, being an easy to handle material that does not give off toxic combustion gases. It is a product that remains unalterable over time, maintaining its properties of transparency and brightness.

Characteristics of cast acrylic plastic, but at a lower cost. Good resistance. Excellent transparency. Perfect for outdoor applications. Thickness accuracy. Halogen free.

Its thicknesses range from 1 to 30mm, offering various sizes of plate, which can also be made to measure. They offer various finishes that can be: gloss, matte, antireflex, surface textures, engraving…etc. VITROFLEX PMMA EXTRUSION ACRYLIC PLASTIC can be coloured and is also available for food use.

Acoustic screens. Aquariums. Roofs. Street furniture. Signage and signposting. Boat windows and windscreens. Basketball backboards. Furniture. Skylights. Restaurant menu holders. Advertising signs. Solar / photovoltaic panels. Greenhouses. Displays. Tubes and bars. Glazing and protection. Fixtures. Screens and acoustic barriers.