LED extruded acrylic plastic

Product Information

VITROFLEX PMMA LED EXTRUDED ACRYLIC PLASTIC , are sheets that are specially indicated for an optimal diffusion of LED lamps, avoiding the appearance of light spots without compromising total light transmission. Unlike fluorescent or neon tubes, which have a scattering angle of 360°, LEDs have a much narrower angle (from 40° to 140°, for example) and appear as small points of light. VITROFLEX PMMA LED EXTRUDED ACRYLIC PLASTIC sheet avoids this phenomenon known as “hot spots” and optimises uniform scattering without compromising light transmission. VITROFLEX PMMA LED EXTRUDED ACRYLIC PLASTIC sheet allows sign makers and designers to enjoy the benefits of LEDs and create stylish solutions that are economical and environmentally friendly, while enhancing intensity and colour.

Good strength. Thickness accuracy. Halogen free. Mouldable. High diffusion with low light absorption.

LED extruded acrylic plastic is available in different thicknesses and sizes, the most common being 3050x2050mm. Special lengths can be made to order. The colour is usually opal white, although it can be customised to adjust the light temperature, as well as providing colour.

Lighting. Skylights. Tubes and bars. Glazing and protection. Fixtures.