3 Form resin decorative panels

Product Information

Polimer Tecnic works with decorative resin panels created with high quality material and a wide range of finishes, seeking maximum resistance and the greatest adaptability to your home or business premises. It is an embellishing element with elements evocative of stone, vegetation, water, flowers, leaves… that will add value to numerous installations and visual elements. For the decorative resin panels, an ecological, fully recyclable resin is used to encapsulate organic and synthetic elements. These elements can be used in a variety of architectural and design applications, such as wall partitions, doors, furniture, lighting elements, POS (screens, shelf partitions), workshop assembly systems, signs, advertising and others. At Polimer Tecnic we offer the best online sale of decorative resin panels at the most economical price. We use the best materials and offer an installation service that guarantees maximum resistance and durability, so that your home or business combines aesthetics and a job well done. For any questions regarding the installation of decorative resin panels, we have qualified technical staff who will provide personalised advice. At Polimer Tecnic we will find a solution that is perfectly adapted to your needs.

High aesthetic performance. Compatible with backlighting. Available in different colours and finishes

Decorative resin panels can be used in the furniture sector, for interior decoration of shops, lift cabins, as a covering for false ceilings, cladding, television studios, stands, etc.