Wooden flooring decoration: advantages and alternative materials

Wooden flooring decoration: Tecnodeck

It is true that decoration wooden pallets They are usually one of the favorites to create unique environments. Wood is one of the favorite noble materials on the market when you want to create an exclusive, rustic or even glamorous atmosphere, it seems to have a serious competitor in the market. Thanks to new technologies, alternative materials offer greater advantages that the construction world welcomes.

Technological decoration wood flooring: advantages over traditional materials

The wood is beautiful and is offered in different finishes. This nobody disputes. But both the installation, the maintenance, and the characteristics of the material itself limit its use, or make it a very expensive matter over the years. That is why technological wood flooring for decoration is an ideal solution. They have the beauty of noble material and incorporate many of its advantages. For example:

  • At maintenance level. The pallets of technological wood Decoration do not require extra protection or maintenance with oils and paints that provide them. They are able to maintain their appearance over time, even in environments with high UV radiation. The components that form them give them maximum resistance, without splinters or bowing.
  • Possibility of using the material even despite direct contact with water. The technology allows decorative wooden decking to resist degradation by water, even from the sea. In addition, they incorporate anti-slip elements, which also expands the capacity for use in different projects.
  • Ease of cleaning. No need to invest in complex systems. The use of water, or pressurized water is the manufacturer's recommendation.
  • Mounting considerations. This type of material, especially the one we offer from our website, under the brand Tecnodeck is able to offer a simple and safe assembly. Even in complex elements such as wooden pergolas.

If you have doubts about the technological decoration wooden pallets, or do you want more information, Do not hesitate to contact us.


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