VITROFLEX PC Anti-abrasion with ECE R118 and R43 certificates is ideal for use in vehicles

Vitroflex PC for bus screens

The most advanced materials allow the development of specific solutions for the industry that are adapted to the needs of your company. At Polimer Tecnic, as a group specializing in plastic materials, we want to talk to you today about the possibilities offered by the anti-abrasion polycarbonate sheets in vehicles, both new construction and for those that are already in use. He Vitroflex PC Anti-abrasion It is a specifically recommended material that also has the specific certificates of European regulations: ECE R118 and R43.


Certificates according to European standards such as those available Vitroflex PC They allow you to improve safety and provide greater guarantees in the solutions you implement in vehicles. While ECE R118 is a guarantee regarding the combustion of materials used in the construction of vehicles classified as M II or III; the R43 certificate indicates the safety of glass in terms of materials and its installation in vehicles.


Vitroflex PC is a flat and transparent material with high performance. Among the most prominent, reference can be made to:

  • Its hardened surface and very glass-like appearance make it best suited for flat vehicle applications.
  • Provides high resistance to breakage and abrasion. These last two characteristics make these polycarbonate sheets one of the most suitable materials for use in spaces with a large influx of people such as public transport.
  • Thanks to its features, it guarantees good resistance to frequent cleaning and also facilitates the task, since its chemical resistance allows disinfection with a multitude of products.
    Its resistance to fire allows its use inside vehicles, such as partitions, cabins, enclosures, shelves, etc.
  • Its protection against ultraviolet radiation allows it to be used in vehicle exteriors, such as windows, headlights or skylights.
  • Its low weight allows large surfaces to be glazed without significantly affecting the performance of the vehicle.

Consult with the expert team of Polimer Tecnic any questions related to Vitroflex PC or let us know the specific needs of your project to advise you on anti-abrasion polycarbonate sheet orders.


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