Vitroflex wave corrugated polycarbonate

Product Information

VITROFLEX WAVE is a corrugated polycarbonate sheet with high impact resistance and very light weight. With a standard pitch of 76mm, 112mm, 197mm and 200mm between waves, it also has a high stability against temperature changes and is suitable for outdoor use.

Impact resistance. Resistance to high temperatures. High transparency. Possibility of cold bending. High light transmission. Suitable for outdoor use. Colouring possible.

With a wave pitch of 76 mm and a height of 18 mm the standard Mini Wave corrugated polycarbonate models are: Miniwave 76/18 colourless microprismatic in 1.4mm. Miniwave 76/18 smooth white opal 50% in 0.8mm. Other thicknesses in which Mini Wave corrugated polycarbonate is available are: 1.0mm and 1.2mm. They are available in standard width sheets of: 1265 mm, 1116 mm, 1040 mm, 900 mm and 660 mm. The maximum recommended length is 7000 mm. There is also the option of colours, subject to minimum order. Striped and prismatic finishes among others.

Roofs. Facades. Dividing panels. Window dressing. Stands. Screens. Cladding.