Thermoformed plastic containers: the ideal solution for food

thermoformed plastic

Plastic thermoformeds are a very useful element for packaging products of all kinds. However, they are especially recommended in the case of food. As you well know, when it comes to the sector of food products for human consumption, the regulations are really strict. In fact, elements with the capacity to contaminate said foods, or that change their taste, smell or other characteristics cannot be used. So if you are looking for a suitable packaging solution, you should think about the thermoformed plastic containers.

Products such as methacrylate FA, Polycarbonate FA or PETG are approved for food use, meeting the strictest quality and sanitary control standards.

The advantages of choosing thermoformed plastic containers

Apart from exclusive packaging for the food sector, it is true that the advantages obtained from thermoformed packaging can be extrapolated to other areas of activity. Some of the most interesting are summarized right below:

  • Variety of presentations. Thanks to the transformation possibilities offered by plastic thermoforming, you can create the packaging you need. Suitable both for the best presentation of your product, as well as for the brand identity and the preferences of your audience. There is nothing that can resist this material! The limit is only set by your imagination.
  • Reliability as containers. Precisely because it is a sustainable and widely tested element, thermoformed plastic containers make it possible to guarantee the products found inside. It complies with all Spanish and European Union regulations. Your company will have it clear with its consumers.
  • Respect for the enviroment. Thanks to recycling, packaging of this type guarantees great respect for the environment. And considering how important this is in terms of corporate identity, it will be worth the investment.
  • Resistance to breakage and the passage of time that allows to elaborate trays for pastry, trays for meats, for chocolates, tubular containers for dispensing products, boards for cutting meats and cheese, transparent lids, molds for chocolate ... etc.

If you are looking for a company specialized in thermoformed plastic containers you should take a look at the wide catalog of material options that we offer at Polimer Tecnic. We have a wide portfolio of transformer clients, who are specialists in the handling of these materials to manufacture packaging.

In addition, you can contact us to discuss your project. We advise and assist you without any commitment.


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