Recycled polyethylene profiles

Product Information

Recycled polyethylene is produced from urban, industrial and domestic waste, generating one of the most ecological and resistant options within the range of plastics.

Material 100% recycled from urban, industrial and domestic waste. Economical compared to recycled polycarbonate. Resistant, non-deformable, easy to handle. Sterile, hygienic, easy to clean, anti-graffiti and anti-vandalism. Flexible. Inert to environmental degradation. Solid. Good thermal and acoustic insulation. Waterproof with good resistance to water and micro-organisms. Ecological and non-polluting product, resistant to the action of animals and insects. Lower production costs. Minimal maintenance, not splinterable or oxidisable. Excellent resistance to chemicals, acids, oils and hydrocarbons.

Available in various profile formats, both round and square, and colours.

Public furniture for outdoor use. Vertical and horizontal supports. Façades. Lattices. Pergolas. Flooring. Terrace and garden furniture. Footbridges, bridges and other structural works. Swimming pool perimeter. Roofs. Jetties. Garden fences. Animal fences.