Polycarbonate sheets: prices and features

Polycarbonate sheets: prices and advantages

Are you preparing a project that requires polycarbonate sheets for your construction? This material belongs to a family of thermoplastics that has several advantages over its competitors. Among them is the ease of handling, altering and thermoforming it during production. It is a product of very frequent presence in the erection of exterior terraces, thanks in part to its excellent luminosity. But lately it has also been used in other processes where it was less common before, such as the construction of modern offices. There is still much to know about polycarbonate sheets: prices, specific conditions and uses. Do you want to know more about this material?

Polycarbonate sheets: prices

Polycarbonate is a very common component these days. Among the reasons that give rise to this increase in popularity is, for example, its versatility, but also its price. But what variables determine the cost of a project that uses this type of plate? They are as follows.

  • Number of plates. Each project requires a specific series of plates to complete its survey. Some need more and some need less. The higher the number, of course, the higher the price. You will be surprised how many things can be done with just a few units!
  • Sizes. The more m2, the higher the price.
  • Color. Colored cellular polycarbonate sheets are slightly more expensive than regular or honeycomb sheets.
  • Weight per square meter. Our plates can be manufactured in different weights per square meter (depending on quantities). The higher the weight, the higher the quality, the greater resistance to aging, the greater the resistance to hail, but the higher the price. In large commercial surfaces such as leroy Merlin and others, products are sold that do not comply with even the European CE regulations, for example 16mm plates with a weight of 1,9 kg / m2 when the minimum according to the regulations is 2,5 kg / m2 and the standard of 2,7 kg / m2.
  • UV protection Polycarbonate sheets require a thin layer of protection against ultraviolet rays to prevent aging and yellowing over time, this layer is much more expensive than the material itself and many manufacturers try to make it as thin as possible, or even without it (sale to individuals in commercial areas). It is essential to have a high quality UV barrier layer so that your product remains unaltered over time. This can also be one or two faces, the protected face must be mounted upwards to stop solar radiation. It is a sales argument that the plates are two-sided when this affects less thickness in each of them, the ideal is to use good and adequate protection on the face that is facing the sun and put all the necessary product on it. and do not put anything in the bottom because the only thing that works is to throw money away. In Spain, unlike Europe, they insist on trivializing this issue and selling the wonders of double-sided protection, when this implies that the product is of a lower quality, since the two-sided thicknesses are often insufficient.

Polycarbonate sheets: characteristics

Polycarbonate sheets are notable for their lightness, resistance and capacity both light and thermal. They can be translucent or semi-transparent, but they also have the possibility of being colored. Cellular polycarbonate panels are used mainly in terrace enclosure projects, glazing, partitions, skylights, roofs and greenhouses. Remember, above all, to request the auxiliary profiles in polycarbonate or aluminum and the essential aluminum adhesive tape to seal the ends and prevent the entry of dust and dirt.

The resistance of polycarbonate compared to other materials, such as methacrylate or glass, is much higher. Multiply the first by 10 and the second by 200. Its malleability when working with them is, however, surprisingly simple, and they can be manipulated with classic woodworking instruments.

If you are preparing a project that requires luminosity, aesthetic modernity and unmatched coverageDon't hesitate any longer, your solution is polycarbonate sheets. Prices and other considerations can be taken care of in professional companies such as Polimer Tecnic, which offers you a vast variety in its catalog. Let's keep in contact?


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