Polycarbonate roofs: main advantages and applications in construction

Polycarbonate covers

Materials for engineering and construction continue to evolve constantly. At Polimer we are very aware of this and that is why we always have the most innovative solutions in our catalog. However, elements that have been a classic in the choice of ceilings for years can be the simplest and most appropriate option in many works and projects. Therefore, it never hurts to remember all the advantages they offer. In this case, we want to talk specifically about the polycarbonate covers.

Polycarbonate covers: advantages to highlight

Polycarbonate roofs are extremely hard, making them the perfect material to use on roofs that must guarantee safety against impact breakage. As a curious fact about polycarbonate covers, it is worth saying that there are even types that are used in police shields precisely because of the characteristic we have mentioned. In addition to this quality, the other advantages of this type of element are:

  • Excellent thermal insulator.
  • Very light and rigid, which greatly facilitates its installation.
  • Large sizes that minimize the number of joints, reducing the risks of water leaks, as well as saving installation.
  • Transparency guaranteed for 10 years.
  • Maximum resistance to inclement weather such as hail and wind.
  • Diversity of colors and finishes.
  • Very affordable price for all the properties it offers.

Polycarbonate covers: main applications

Although the use made of the material depends largely on the design of the work, and the results that are intended to be obtained with it, the polycarbonate covers they have many uses in different types of constructions. In addition to being an ideal material for greenhouses, it can become the perfect ally to illuminate rooms without windows. It is also common to find it in other types of buildings, such as industrial buildings, and also in garages or sheds. Also, when it comes to making sloped roof designs, it is often one of the best options.

If you need advice, or want to place an order for your project with polycarbonate covers, Polimer is what you need. Consult us without obligation.


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