Special profiles for lighting

Product Information

At Polimer Tecnic we manufacture and market special profiles for lighting in various plastic materials (methacrylate and polycarbonate, among many others) for all types of architectural or industrial projects. We carry out an efficient service that will guarantee total resistance and durability for your structures, such as bridges or walkways, so that they comply with what you had exactly thought.

We design special rows and produce profiles under customer demand, working with top quality materials and offering personalized advice adapted to each specific case, seeking to fully meet the needs and circumstances of each of our customers, both in exterior and interior jobs, whatever their magnitude.

We also offer you the best price on our special lighting profiles. Our online sales service will respond to the demands of each client, after a detailed analysis of their particular case.

We are aware that many of these architectural or industrial projects will be discovered to the public in official presentations. In other cases, our clients try to avoid by all means that the competition discovers what they plan to build with special profiles for lighting. For this reason, from Polimer Tecnic we guarantee our seriousness and confidentiality with your new projects until their final development.