Polypropylene Film

Product Information

Polypropylene film is a mechanically tough, lightweight, flexible polymer in thin thicknesses and resistant to many chemical solvents, bases and acids. It has similar properties to polyethylene (PE), but with a higher softening point. It can be given specific treatments, such as corona treatment on both sides and can also have UV protection.

Ecological and recyclable, complying with REACH regulations. Low density. Lightweight. Flexible. Resistant to chemical agents. Does not emit chlorinated gases when burnt. Suitable for digital printing with corona treatment.

Polypropylene film has a thickness from 280 microns to 2 mm and is available in sheets of various sizes in black and white. It can be made with specific characteristics and different colours upon minimum order.

Promotional communication. Folder dividers. Panels and screens. Promotional packaging. Technical applications.