Methacrylate for facades

The plastic materials used in the world of construction and architecture allow a wide flexibility and great constructive possibilities. That is why the methacrylate for facades It allows you to achieve really attractive applications that end up marking the character of the building and that are very attractive both for residential buildings and for those buildings dedicated exclusively to commercial activities.

Methacrylate for facades and other plastics for construction applications

However, on many occasions, Methacrylate searches for facades they assume the intention of finding plastic materials in their general definition. In fact, methacrylate as such is often used a lot in interior cladding. What's more, those methacrylate walls  they can be customizable, either through printing or screen printing; and even be used in applications that incorporate lighting.

However, if the methacrylate concept for facades refers to its most extensive incorrect mention, that is, to plastic walls in general, the possibilities are almost endless.In fact, it is recommended that a professional expert in the sector be the one who analyzes all the material options, selecting the one that gives you the most advantages in your project. At Polimer Tecnic, in addition to being a supplier of all types of plastics as construction solutions, we make our specialized team available to the client to advise them on the advantages and disadvantages of various materials with similar applications.

In these cases it would be more correct to speak of plastic coatings. Within this concept, some of the most attractive and demanded solutions for construction are: materials that have three-dimensional effects. The combinations of colors and textures allow to obtain eye-catching architectural projects. In our catalog we have Bencore, Vitroflex PC cellular or 3form as some of the references in this matter. However, it should not be forgotten that our product range also includes Wallguard, PVC, Bs1d0 polycarbonate, PE polyethylene, PP polypropylene and methacrylate, which will be recommended in one case or another, depending on what the client requires. It is recommended that you consult us for more information and obtain personalized estimates for your project.


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