Marine aquarium: everything you need to know

Types of marine aquarium

The marine aquarium, also known as salt water, can be a large tank or a small container destined to house marine species from areas that can be both temperate and cold. These aquariums cover a varied biodiversity and require different care than freshwater ones. Similarly, there are technical and aesthetic differences depending on what their nature is. Polimer Tecnic manufactures special methacrylate-based materials to run from large aquariums with tanks that hold thousands of liters of water and that are built specifically for this purpose with high-quality materials to resist strong pressures, to plates that are marketed for companies. who wish to manufacture smaller units for both private, residential and decorative use in hotels or even restaurants. A variant of the activity is to manufacture the bottoms of the boats that have a transparent bottom or of shallow submarines, for which Polimer Tecnic is the only company that manufactures the materials with Spanish approval.

Construction of the marine aquarium

Formerly glass was used as a constructive element for aquariums, but this material has become totally obsolete due to its fragility and low resistance in large aquariums that are only manufactured with high quality organic glass such as Vitroflex Aquarium or similar. The resistance to movements of the structure or even to small earthquakes means that today there is no other alternative. High-performance materials should also be used in small aquariums for equally important reasons such as resistance, ease of cleaning or long-term polishing of the surface, practically invisible and rounded joints where dirt does not accumulate, possibility of easy gluing and in greater lengths and averages, low weight of the tank in case it is a transportable element in vacuum, much greater transparency, a perfect blue water is seen and a better passage of light and vision, ease of drilling holes or installation steps, rounded edges in contact with people or animals, warmth of the material, a multitude of thicknesses available without the need for lamination, etc. The possibilities of hot bending and making faces that are flat or making cylinders is another of the facilities that Polimer Tecnic and his team offer as of this year.

In the case of opting for the DIY route, multiple options are possible, from buying an already prefabricated tank or requesting a custom one, which we will solve by putting you in contact with one of our clients or buying all the elements for self-construction. From here, the part of creating the flow system and design of the entire ecosystem will depend on the needs and interests of each client.

Some of the largest aquariums in Spain have been made in collaboration with Polimer Tecnic, including the Casa de os Peces de La Coruña, the Maritime Museum of Santander, the Aquariums of Bilbao, Roquetas de Mar, San Fernando in Cádiz, the Valencia zoo, Cuenca fluvial museum, zoos and water parks of all kinds, dolphinariums, terrariums for snakes, for rodents, displays for hippos, penguins, etc. Our team also works for international clients in South America, the European Union, Ukraine, the Middle East, among others.

Do not hesitate to consult your project and we will help you in everything that is in our power.


 Non-professional marine aquarium

They are generally classified into three fundamental types, depending on its use:

  • Fish only aquarium. Adapted to allow the habitat of fish and invertebrates such as crabs or shrimp.
  • Reef Aquarium. The intention in this variety is that the water contains a minimum concentration of nutrients. In addition, an ionic balance of the water chemistry has been sought, in accordance with the well-being of the corals.
  • Mixed aquarium. It is a mix between the two previous classes. Added to this is the complexity of keeping nutrients low, since fish create pollution with their waste. This requires a better filtration system in order to take care of the water quality.

All most common accessories that marine aquariums usually present are, apart from the urn, the tank and the furniture where it rests, a correct filtration and oxygenation system, a sump skimmer (also called a skimmer, essential for the Reef aquarium), an ultraviolet sterilizer, a lighting system, another for temperature regulation and sea salt. This can be under the main aquarium, which you can hide with a furniture or adaptation.

If you would like to buy the necessary materials To make a marine aquarium or you want to acquire one already made, at Polimer Tecnic we can help you, putting at your disposal several design models. Contact Us!


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