Maintenance-free wallcovering.


Technology has improved our lives remarkably. Every day there are more innovations on the market that allow us to choose from a wide variety of services and products that make our lives easier. And this is noticeable in all sectors, including that which has to do with construction, decoration and design. Precisely related to all of us, we want to tell you about maintenance-free wallcovering. Zero maintenance is the great objective of both those responsible for maintaining hotel, hospital, commercial, and industrial establishments, as well as managers who must keep the costs of their operations adjusted without wasting huge sums on repairs year after year.

Wall covering So many possibilities!

Although everyone knows the option of painting interior walls, not so many people know of the existence of other alternatives like the ones we mentioned today. Currently you can bet on interior wall cladding, and even exterior ones, using different materials. The most common were PVC or linoleums, some of which were declared absolutely obsolete today, although they continue to be used due to their low cost and their high content of highly toxic halogenated compounds in the event of fire. A simple trash can burning close to a PVC wall can generate a high chlorine gas that kills in seconds on inhalation. At Polimer Tecnic, the VITROFLEX WALLGUARD range of sheets has been developed that comply with the Bs1d0 fire certificates in a coating thickness of about 2mm.

But why is it a good idea to go for wall cladding with VITROFLEX WALLGUARD? Actually this technique offers multiple advantages, both from an aesthetic and functional point of view. For example, among its main qualities we can highlight: the great resistance to impact, the reduction of maintenance, it does not scratch as easily, it does not appear stains due to use, fast and economical installation ... you can even request a special quality for exterior ... We can even cover, high-pass doors, with impact and make cladding with protected corners.

As for the aesthetic possibilities are almost endless. Not only can we create a wall covering of the color you want, but we can also implement combinations, textures, integrate images on the wall and other finishes that make the image of your company much more interesting for the public, or generate a more comfortable environment for your employees.

If you are interested in knowing more, or have doubts about the VITROFLEX coatings or their priceAt Polimer Tecnic we have qualified technical personnel who will provide you with the advice you need. Contact us now!



  1. Michael Gres Answer

    I would like you to contact me for a project that has one school year. I would be interested in the interior lining of walls with opac polycarbonate.

    • PolimerTecnic Answer

      Thanks for writing to us,
      You can contact your nearest business advisor for more information on our page:

      At Polimer Tecnic we provide advice to individuals and professionals.

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