How to make decorative wall panels

Surely you have come this far because you have doubts about how to make decorative panels for walls. Actually, we want to tell you about all the possibilities that our materials offer. In fact, at Polimer Tecnic we work with different types of plastics that adapt not only to functional needs, but also to decorative ones. In these cases, it is important that you tell us what are the characteristics that define your project so that we can recommend the most appropriate options for it.

How to make custom wall panels

One of the sectors that most often requires custom decorative panels is the advertising sector. Depending on what you need, as well as the technical specifications of the project, we can recommend one type of material or another. There are innumerable ways to execute a job, but the base element you choose will determine its resistance, both to the weather and to that of the new element. Also in terms of finishes, since each material is different.

Another question that It is very important is that of personalization. Most of the customers who contact us with questions about how to make custom decorative wall panels are interested in obtaining a design completely adapted to their tastes. In that sense, by being able to offer you custom manufacturing, you can choose from an almost infinite range of colors to achieve the effect you want.

You can take a look at our communication section to get an idea of ​​all the possibilities that we can offer you. To summarize the most important, it should be noted: the aluminum composite VITBOND, PVC AND PVCE VITROFLEX, compact and cellular polycarbonate, PVC panels with a foamed polystyrene core, methacrylates, cellular polypropylene and copolyester sheets. Ideally, you should contact us and tell us what are the needs and finishes that your project requires. Our specialized team will advise you without any commitment.


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