How to clean transparent methacrylate and not make a mess

how to clean transparent methacrylate

We have all ever had to clean an object made of delicate materials, walking with lead with the choice of product and the method to be used. If our challenge is to know how to clean transparent methacrylate without generating marks or scratches, the difficulty and care are maximum.

This plastic is present in numerous elements of everyday objects, tools and devices, thanks to its great aesthetic versatility, its transparency and its insulating capacity, but it is a material that can generate certain impurities by exposure to the sun or contact with certain objects. Here we are to give you some tips on how to clean clear methacrylate correctly:

  • Use soft cloths of materials such as cotton. Avoid dry cleaning, moisten them and add a drop of neutral soap.
  • Watch the composition of the cleaning product that you decide to use, some of them can generate abrasion in the methacrylate.
  • Use curiously useful and safe products like lemon juice, toothpaste, baking soda, or cleaning spray of the glass ceramic.
  • In case you detect any scratches, apply a toothpaste with a lot of fluorine it will be the best choice to correct the most superficial ones. Pre-clean the surface before applying it, rub it gently with your finger and let it sit for a few minutes.


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