High impact plates

High impact plates are often widely used because they are composed of multiple walls of thin layers of polycarbonate, this makes them very resistant to both high temperatures and impacts.

Benefits of its use
This material has a wide variety of benefits among which you can find:

  • Low cost
  • Strong impact resistance
  • Thermal isolation
  • High resistance to high temperatures
  • UV protection on one or two sides
  • Thickness diversity
  • Transparency
  • Great electrical insulation properties

Currently this type of material is often used a lot for the construction of homes and offices, since being the transparent polycarbonate it allows more light to enter the spaces being ideal to place it on ceilings, doors, windows, greenhouses, swallow lights and domes. in everyday and household items such as covers, partitions, even food containers.

Types of high impact plates
The use of polycarbonate has spread due to its magnificent properties, it is a compound with high durability, quality and variety at the same time, so that you know a little more about these, then we will mention some of the plate models that you can find:

  • With UV protection - Anti-abrasion
  • With UV protection - Anti-glare
  • RPC - Recycled Polycarbonate
  • Cellular polycarbonate in plates
  • Opaque polycarbonate plates
  • No UV protection - Anti-static
  • With UV protection - Special lamination
  • No UV protection

They are undoubtedly an excellent alternative for domestic and industrial use, so to get the best high impact plates contact us, we are experts in their manufacture.


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