Discover exclusive solutions with decorative design panels from Polimer Tecnic

It is becoming easier and easier to customize every detail of your interior and exterior design. In fact, plastic and combined materials create unique environments and are the great allies of architects and designers.

Polymer Technic we are a company specialized in the sale of materials of a wide variety of plastics, including the most innovative materials for interior design and construction. Therefore, below we will tell you about the offer of 2 outstanding decorative design panels that you will find in our catalogs

Custom designed decorative panels with Bencore and 3 form

Polimer Tecnic presents the exclusive materials designed in Italy by Bencore and in the United States by 3 forms that allow multiple applications and offer a result in terms of decorative design panels.

  • Bencore. It presents a multitude of options, both in terms of color combinations and materials, adapting the product to customer requirements. Its core can be polymeric with various 3D structures, cardboard to give a more ecological image, or aluminum panel making it ideal for a multitude of applications such as doors, partitions, partitions, false ceilings, decorative shelves, it can be illuminated offering places and design with him various applications. In fact, the design of the aerospace industry on which it is based gives it great resistance, which is highly appreciated by those who use it. It can be used (according to the specifications of the different formats) for dividing panels, furniture, and any type of interior architecture options, including floors. It is also in high demand for backlighting, fair stands, and visual merchandising. You can consult more information about bencore on our product page.
  • 3 Form. Under this brand, different types of materials are offered that are less thick than the previous ones, but with very different characteristics that make it suitable for a multitude of architectural installations where a high design value is required. Depending on the application of it, as well as the expected result and the desired customization, we can recommend one or the other of all that we currently offer from our stock. You can consult more information about 3 Form in its Web page

En Polymer Technic we have the specific solution for your project. Do not hesitate to ask us about these options for design panels, as well as ask us about other alternatives available in our catalog. We will be delighted to assist you.


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