Bencore starlight panels

Product Information

STARLIGHT is a composite panel with a patented core with an internal macrocellular structure in SAN or polycarbonate (Starlight extra) and transparent acrylic plastic sides. BENCORE STARLIGHT is widely used in interior architecture and furniture thanks to its qualities of lightness, transparency and unique aesthetic appearance conferred by the geometric pattern of the honeycomb core. The STARLIGHT panel is easy to cut and can be finished with standard accessories such as profiles, frames, handles and hinges. It is also possible to edge with the same material used for the outer skin.

High aesthetic performance. Compatible with backlighting. Available in different colours and finishes

Also available in the STARLIGHT PLUS version with outer layers in PETG and BENCORE STARLIGHTFLOOR with anti-slip and anti-scratch finish, specially designed for use on floors and stairs. Available in a wide range of standard colours.

Dividing panels. Furniture. Visual Merchandising. Backlighting. Stands for trade fairs. Interior architecture. Doors.