Vitbond aluminum composite panels and their advantages for digital printing

Aluminum composite panels: advantages for digital printing

All aluminum composite panels They are structures made up of three layers. The central one is made of polyethylene and is covered by two aluminum ones. This union of materials provides the Vitbond with excellent properties, which can be used to achieve great finishes in digital printing.

Aluminum composite panels for digital printing: advantages

The possibilities of transformation of aluminum composite panels they are almost limitless. This makes them a widely used material for digital printing. They offer a wide selection of colors and gloss, with a wide variety of finishes. In addition, they can be manufactured with special dimensions, adapting them to the different sizes that each client needs. The fact that they are so flat allows you to make prints with a perfect image. Its composition and structure are ideal for a simple assembly and it is very easy to move them, due to its great lightness. They are a guarantee for outdoor use, as they resist shocks, vibrations and inclement weather very well. In addition, they require little maintenance and are easy to clean.

These advantages make them very versatile. Some of his main uses are:

  • Façade lettering.
  • Road marking.
  • Photography.
  • Decor.
  • Interior signage.
  • Exhibitions
  • Visual comunication.
  • Booths.
  • Advertising panels.
  • Corporate image.

Polimer Tecnic has included the vitbond in its range of products aluminum composite panels, as it is a high quality material at the level of digital printing, which in turn has a multitude of applications. The treatment of its layers is designed for an optimal adhesion of the inks, showing more luminous and brilliant colors. The finish it offers is ideal for exterior communication, as it is highly resistant to the elements. In addition, it is very easy to handle, and is covered with a protective film that is easily removed.

For any question about aluminum composite panels, We have qualified technical staff that will provide you with personalized advice.



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