Virtoflex PMMA acrylic plastic blocks

Product Information

VITROFLEX PMMA acrylic plastic blocks are highly impact-resistant materials that are ten times lighter than glass. They offer high clarity and a very high optical quality from 30 mm thickness upwards. It is an ideal material for applications where good visibility is important. In addition, its high resistance to ageing makes it an excellent product for outdoor use, remaining practically unalterable outdoors. VITROFLEX PMMA blocks are also suitable for thermoforming, being an easy to handle material that also offers good performance against temperature fluctuations and does not give off toxic gases during combustion.

Excellent optical quality. Unlimited size through invisible chemical bonds. Acrylic plastic sheets from 30 to 200 mm with high hardness levels. Low level of internal stresses. High resistance to weathering. Impact resistance. High resistance to ageing. High thermal and acoustic resistance. Does not give off toxic gases when burning. Halogen free. Special large formats available.

Thicknesses range from 30 to 250 mm and can be up to 8,000 mm long. Larger dimensions and thicknesses on request. Colours on request. Special for LED lighting also available.

Aquariums. Indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Water tanks. Ponds. Marine nurseries. Overflowing walls. Fish farms. Transparent ballot boxes. Large decorative elements. Perimeter security fencing.